The Imperium

The largest single nation on Oki, The Imperium is a supernation ruled over by 7 noble families and divided between each of them. Each family is often vastly different culturally and ethnically which each nobles territory often looking more akin to separate nations themselves than a unified whole. But what binds them is their shared history as descendants of exiles, their fight for survival and recognition by the native jungle elves centuries ago, and their shared devotion to The Imperial Cult. This religion revolves around worship of The Spire, a massive sentient obelisk at the center of the imperial capital 1,3,7 and the nobility it selected to rule and communicate through its flock to. It is a saying that from 1,3,7 one could ride in any direction on the fastest horse for 2 weeks and still be on imperial lands.

Gaining Prestige:

Gaining prestige with the Imperium this far away from the Imperial Center and the heart of Imperial culture and politics is not an easy one and will likely have more to do with the political and military affairs of the legions therein. Maintaining and expanding territory for the Imperium, collecting relics and holy items from the frontier and maintaining those relics like the Aquilas in Imperial hands, and squashing those enemies that still stand against the The Spire such as the orc clans, anarchistic vagrants that rally against their homelands, and those Nomads who do not ally with the Empire. Subtler, but no less important, promoting the cultural values of the Imperium and their excellence (if not superiority) amongst the natives of that region is always of pressing importance to those who work under the Imperial banner, for showing others the excellence of the homeland is an important step to getting them to join as citizens of the Imperium.

Fame 1

Basic equipment (PP 1):
You are granted the basic gear of your commanding legion. Select one of the basic gear options below.
* Octavian: Lorica segmentata (banded mail), chain shirt, or lorcia squamata(scale mail); gladius, pugio (dagger), 6 plumbata (darts), Balista Micro with 10 bolts (heavy crossbow), 2 pilum, tower shield, heavy wooden shield, and fighters kit (backpack is replaced with a bag and a 6 ft. pole to hang it on).

* Calvan: Armored coat, padded, leather, studded leather, quilted cloth, or armored coat with quilted cloth; cavalry saber (scimitar) or battleaxe; dagger, throwing axe, or bayonet; Longbow or Crossbow (light or heavy), quiver of ammo; ranger’s kit, and powder horn.

* Anastasian: hand crossbow, rapier, sword cane.
Left Hand of The Spire (PP 6):
You have called in your favors and enlisted the help of the Empire and its Imperial Cult to anoint you with the great relics found in the Frontier, the pieces of The Spire that can be knit to the flesh of men: Viscera Ex Reliquaries, The Flesh from his Relics.
The legions and the church of The Spire find a piece of working cybertech worth less than 5,000gp and a well trained reliquarian of the church to install it into your personage. They then perform the Sacred Rites of the Metal Spirits and Oracle from Beyond to bind the piece to your flesh. The priests lay upon this holy relic all the symbols and scriptures of blessing required of the rite, along with any other iconography significant to the bearer.

Bearers who swear an oath of eternal singular loyalty to the Empire and the Cult of the Spire are blessed with the Spiracle Compass, and only pay 1/2 prestige. PCs who have the Magister Sacrorum, Decanus, or Vigintivirates you may reduce the cost by half. PCs with Imperium , Knowledge of the Spire, or the Centurian reduce this number by half. These benefits stack. Add all these reductions together to determine the final price (Swearing the oath and being a Legionnaire reduces the cost by 1/4, etc.).

This gift marks you as a Reliquary of the might of The Spire, gaining the title “reliquary” along with “hand”, “eye”, or whatever part of you has been replaced with its glorious components. Whenever this gift is shown prominently it grants the bearer a +2 Diplomacy check with worshipers of the Imperial Cult and with Use Magic Device checks with magic items crafted by the Imperial Creed. Taking the oath doubles these bonuses. Abandoning the Imperial Faction or the faith removes these bonuses and breaks the Spiracle Compass, condemning you to immediate death.

Fame 5

Imperial Records:
Your fame has granted you access to greater records and contacts than before, with Imperial record keepers now willing to lend you their expertise.
Consult with a local officer of the Imperium, gaining a +2 bonus on a Knowledge (history), Knowledge (local), Knowledge (nobility), or Knowledge (religion) check made regarding that region. The character must wait 24 hours for the officer to report back with the desired information.

Fame 10

Reliquarial Study I (PP 1 or 2):
The priests of the Imperial Cult grant you a small fragment of the Spire and training in how to use it. The benefit is temporary and the strain on your body is taxing, but the rewards of the Obelisk Oracle are not things to be trifled with.
This ability functions as Arcane Study I except you select spells from the Occultist spell list or the domain spell list of the The Imperial Cult. Those who have the Left Hand of the Spire or the Spiracle Compass reduce the damage taken by 1 each.
Milite/Immunes (Fame 10 PP 1; Title):
You become a recognized soldier in the Imperial Military, or achieve the rank of Specialist.
You become an enlisted man in the VIIth, XIIIth, or XVIIth Imperial legion as a Milite, joining the nameless hordes that defend the Empire. You gain the title of “Milite”, and become skilled in Profession (solider).

If you are already have the Milite title from your campaign trait you instead become an Immune, a specialist in the Imperial Military recognized for their skills in tasks essential to the continued function of the Legion. You earn the title “Immune” and become skilled in Craft (alchemy, armor, blacksmithing, bows, carpentry, clothing, leather, ships, shoes, siege engines, or weapons), Heal, Knowledge (dungeoneering, engineering, geography, local, or nature), Perform (any), Profession (architect, barrister, clerk, engineer, herbalist, scribe, stable master, trapper, or woodcutter), or Survival. So long as you are in a friendly settlement with a barracks to your legion or in a legion encampment you treated as living a Poor lifestyle except that your PP investment in this reward covers the gp/month cost (no additional payment is needed). You may take this title multiple times, selecting an new skill each time.
Vigintivirates (Fame 10 PP 1):
You are selected to join a Vigintivirates, a special committee to oversee some special task for the Imperial government. Ranging from the janitorial maintenance of roads to fairness in the judicial system and the protection of sacred flocks of geese, the job of a Vigintivirates is of vital importance to the maintenance and survival of the empire.
Select a skill you have ranks in and matches the goals of the committee you are joining. You become skilled in this skill. This title can be selected multiple times. Each time you are appointed to a different Vigintivirates, or your responsibilities expand to include tasks in a similar sphere. As part of joining your Vigintivirates, you are also joined by a small contingent of bureaucrats, set to aid you in your task. Once per week while in the settlement or area where your Vigintivirates is active, you may use them to aid you in your political work. This grants you a +2 competence bonus on a single skill check with your specialized skill, Knowledge (local, nobility), Profession (barrister, clerk), or Linguistics check related to your bureaucratic work. You may treat this check as a trained check when attempted.
Warrior Cult Initiate (Fame 10 PP 1; Title):
You have heard of them, the secret cults to unknown & sometimes heretical faiths that lurk in the shadows of remote imperial barracks’. Following them, let alone joining one of these faiths can be a dire act to one’s career if not one’s soul, but the connections of brotherhood with those fellow warriors who share your code and the power these faiths can bring cannot be denied.
Select 1 of the following faiths. You become an initiate in its warrior mysteries, gaining the Initiate title and being honored with a marker of the faith you have joined. These marks are subtle either a tattoo or runic mark worked into a piece of your gear to show other members of the faith your beginnings down the cult’s mysteries. You become skilled in either Bluff, Intimidate, Disguise, or one of the following skills associated with the faith.

The Ashen Bull Profession (soldier), Knowledge (engineering)
Az: Knowledge (history), Survival
The Cardinal Martyr: Heal, Perception, Sense Motive
Ragathiel: Profession (soldier), Knowledge (engineering or planes)
Grandfather Owl: Perception, Stealth
The Stormzerker: Knowledge (nature), Survival
Szuriel, Angel of War: Profession (soldier), Knowledge (engineering)
Lady Urellia: Diplomacy, Sense Motive
Wasalu: Artistry, Knowledge (geography, history, or local), Linguistics, Perform (any)
The Wolf Father Handle Animal, Knowledge (nature), Survival

Fame 15

Gain a +1 bonus on Diplomacy checks made to influence common folk in the towns & cities near Imperial bases. At 30 Fame, this bonus increases to +2, and at 45 Fame, it increases to +3.

Spire Guided Travel (Fame 15, PP 3): You are renowned enough to proffer the military to use their sacred relics, The Veins of the Pinnacle. Teleport three people to Fort Purgatory, The Boroughs (Upper, Middle, or Lower), or Aggripa from one of these settlements (+1 PP per additional person). Arranging this may take 1–2 days, as the NPC casters may not be immediately available. Increase the cost by 3 PP for same-day teleportation. Those with a Spiracle Compass may reduce this cost by 1 for teleportation including themselves.

Fame 20

Decanus (Fame 20 PP 2; Milites/Immunes):
You have been promoted to a leadership position of one of the many manned platoons in the Imperial legion, and now have your own Contubernium at your command.
You gain a Contubernium that functions as a Militia at Rank 1 with a single team of Defenders. As long as your Contubernium is stationed in The Boroughs, Ft. Purgatory, Agrippa, or Jaddah Yaffif it does not have to pay to perform the Drill Militia action and does not suffer from Treasury Shortage so long as it spends at least 1/2 of its week within 1 of these settlements or ends its week there. PCs with the title of Milites or Immunes or NPCs from the Imperial faction may serve as officers within your Contubernium. Activities are scrutinized by the legion and the soldiers themselves. These men were likely others you trained alongside and know well. Their actions and your own are looked upon as a group and you are both rewarded and punished together for your actions by the Imperial military.
Equite (Fame 20, PP 3):
Through either your skill in the saddle or your social connections you have managed to join the illustrious cavalry division known as the Equites. This lauded position is often the first step in many a soldier’s political career.
You gain the title “Equite” and become skilled in either Ride or Knowledge (nobility) and gain a chat trained mount based on your culture as listed below.

* Octavian: Combat Trained Light Horse, Light Wooden Shield

* Calvan: Combat Trained Heavy Horse, Kite Shield
Priest (Fame 20, PP 1; Not a Warrior Cult Initiate):
You become a recognized priest of the Imperial Cult and are ordained to officiate over minor services and regular services for the church.
You become skilled in either Diplomacy, Knowledge (religion), or Perform (oratory) and may use it to earn a living as the Profession skill if you couldn’t already. You may also cast guidance as a spell-like ability 3/day, bless 1/day, consecrate 1/month, ceremony 1/month, and a lavish ceremony 1/6 months without cost. You must select 2 domains in your religions portfolio that you follow before using ritual and once selected cannot be changed without an atonement.
Quaestor (Fame 20 PP 2):
You are selected to become a Quaestor, and officer of the Treasury of the Empire and specifically that of the Frontier Provinces. You serve under the current Provincial governor, tracking expenditures of the Frontier Legions and the municipalities under his control.
Reliquarial Study II (PP 3):
The your understanding of the Glorious Nail grows further, and the Imperial Cult prepares your mind and soul to retain greater secrets of the Spire.
This ability functions as Arcane Study II except you select spells from the Occultist spell list or the domain spell list of the The Imperial Cult. Those who have the Left Hand of the Spire or the Spiracle Compass reduce the damage taken by 1 each.

Legionnaire (Fame 20, PP 2): You have finished your recruit training and are recognized as a true member of the VII Legion. You can now ad the honorific “Legionnaire” to your name and receive a +3 to Intimidate while wearing armor and weapons associated with your region of the Imperium as per the basic gear above.

Magister Sacrorum (Fame 20, PP 1): You become a recognized priest of The Imperial Creed and are ordained to officiate over minor services and regular services for the church. You become skilled in either Diplomacy, Knowledge (religion), or Perform (oratory) and may use it to earn a living as the Profession skill if you couldn’t already. You may also cast guidance as a spell-like ability 3/day, bless 1/day, consecrate 1/month, ceremony 1/month, and a lavish ceremony 1/6 months without cost. You must select 2 domains in your religions portfolio that you follow before using ritual and once selected cannot be changed without an atonement. Failing to uphold the tenants of the Imperial Creed can result in the loss of these abilities until atonement is sought.

Fame 25

Knowledge of the Spire (Fame 25, PP 5, magister sacrorum): Your intense study of the sacred artifacts of the Spire known as Praeteritus Reliquia or “lost technology” found scattered around the frontier has gifted you with extensive and secret knowledge of their inner workings. You receive Technologist as a bonus feat.

Patrician (Fame 25 PP 5):
You have been recognized as a member of the Patrician class, royalty, the noble class that fate has deigned to rule, and make judgement and change upon the world. Whether this is a recognition of your family connections out here in the wild backwoods, your adoption into a Patrician family, or your sudden discovery of this ancient connection to Aurum or the 7 families of The Spire is yours to decide.
You become skilled in Knowledge (Nobility), and Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, or Preform (Oratory). You are able to speak freely at imperial courts, run for imperial high offices, and run certain businesses.

Fame 30

Reliquarial Study III (PP 3):
The your understanding of the Noble Pinnacle reaches its apex, and your untrained soul strains to contain the sheer might of the Glorious Obelisk. It is impressive what even the unpilgrimaged can accomplish when suitably prepared.
This ability functions as Arcane Study III except you select spells from the Occultist spell list or the domain spell list of the The Imperial Cult. You can also choose to prepare yourself with the resonant occultist power of your choice instead of a 3rd level spell. You treat your occultist level as 3 and your item as having 3 mental focus invested for the purpose of determining the resonant bonuses given. Those who have the Left Hand of the Spire or the Spiracle Compass reduce the damage taken, increase the amount of mental focus considered invested for their imbued resonant power, and occultist level for their imbued resonant power by 1 each.

Imperium (Fame 30 PP 1; Decanus/Vigintivirates): Your hard work within the Imperial government has earned you the right to wield Imperium, the power to arrest, detain, and confiscate possessions from any common citizen you suspect has committed or is committing a crime in and around your hometown or frontier towns lacking greater imperial presence to enforce these codes. This right does not apply when dealing with nobles,
aristocrats, political figures, or those who have ranks or titles similar to or greater than your own. Using this power in areas that do not recognize the authority of the Imperium can have… unhealthy consequences for those involved.

Fame 30 PP 3: Gain the temporary service of a lawful neutral outsider of up to 12 HD as if using planar binding. The Imperial must negotiate and pay for the outsider’s service, though she can spend points from her Prestige to have her order pay the price for the service. If the Imperial is a poor negotiator, she can pay 1 Prestige to hire a charismatic advocate
to argue on her behalf.

Imperial Arms: (PP variable)
You may purchase or upgrade weapons with the following abilities at a 10% discount:
gladius, hand crossbow, heavy crossbow, light crossbow, pilum, primitive firearms, sword cane, spiresteel weapons, advancing, allying, axiomatic, bane (chaotic, orc), courageous, defending, glorious, grayflame, impervious, jurist, valiant,
Imperial Armory: (PP variable)
You may purchase or upgrade armor with the following abilities at 10% discount:
armored coat, breastplate, lorca hamata (full & shirt), lorca segmentata, lorca squamata, padded, quilted cloth, parma shield (light round wooden), heavy scotum, body scotum, tower shield, spiresteel armor, adamantine breastplate, animated, arrow catching, arrow deflection, bashing, battlement shield, benevolent, blinding, bolstering, breastplate of command, caster’s parma shield (all) (caster’s shield), clangorous, defiant (chaotic, orc), darkwood heavy scotum, energy resistance (all), expeditious, fortification (all), fortress shield, glamered, guarding, greater guarding, grinding, hosteling, impervious, invincible armor, invulnerability, jarring, martyring, merging, mirrored, poison-resistant, rallying, ramming, reflective, soothsayer’s raiment, spell storing, spiracle lorca segmentata (banded mail of luck), stanching, testudo, transformative, vigilant, warding, winged shield
Spiracle Treasury: (PP variable)
You may purchase magic items from the following list at a 10% discount:
aegis of recovery, boots of the enduring march, ring of tactical precision, commander’s tent

Imperator (Fame 40 Prestige ?):

Legate (Fame 50 PP ?):

Magnus (Fame 55 PP 10):

The Imperium

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