Gods of the Frontier

It some ways it would be easier to number the stars in the sky then to count the various faiths of the frontier. With the religions of the nomads, the frontiersmen and their faiths born before the founding of the creed itself, and the imperial creed proper all carry followers in this wild and untamed land. But in this short page we will seek to try. Each of these is broken into categories based on faction.

The Nomad Pantheon:

the first inhabitants of the frontier, the number of faiths and pantheons that exist are beyond counting as faiths mix and reinterpret their various faiths across the plains. Even with all this in play there are still at least a few things shared across most of the faiths.

Nomadic Faiths of Note:

Though the number of faiths in the frontier is countless and the number one might be exposed to is nearly the same, there are a few faiths of note one may want to acquaint themselves with before trekking too deep into The Sea.

Az: Known as the Sin Eater, the Divine Rage, and The Absolver of Man; Az is the lord of expunging sin. An ancient spirit of the Frontier and beyond, Az and his faith penetrated the tribes of the frontier long ago, and the Old Bloody Goat sees worshippers from even farther afield…
Renequet: The protector of Fate, Guardian of Truenames, Queen of the Scalykind, and Guide of the Dead Renequet is a deity of great power and importance here in the land of burning heat and angry dragons. Here she is the lord of the greatest beasts the land ever produced and the guardian of the sun, her burning eye that watches down upon the acts of nomads and sees all that there is and was of them, and from that eye shares both her power and poisons, the dripping venoms of the sun.
The Tribe: Said to be the first nomads to walk the earth, the tribe is a collection of lords who were said to be the progenitors of the nomad peoples and culture so long ago. Now said to wander beyond the mortal plains these beings now offer aid and guidance to their people in the form of magic and the stories they’ve left behind.
The 9 Bad Gods: The malicious, malevolent, and vile the 9 Bad Gods are spirits who drive nomads to acts of depravity and woe. These spirits do this through many different avenues be they control of the weather, the lands, the beasts of the frontier, or by tempting them with the desires deep within their hearts. Courting the 9 is an act that can bring great power but often with greater costs.

The Imperial Cult:

The state religion of all the Imperium, those who offer succor to the Spire and the noble families chosen to guide the exiles are offered its protection and those who seek to bring the taint of lost chaos or heresy are sought out and destroyed. This is the faith of the Imperial East, and all its schisms denominations.

Schisms and Denominations of Note

Though arguably a monolantrist country, the Imperial East holds many other faiths within its borders including various denominations of the Imperial Creed itself. Below are but a few of the most well known of these faiths.

Oberon: Lord of the fey and wilderness and patron of the Elves, Oberon is worshiped by frontiersmen looking for fertile crops and to protect against wild animals. Unfortunately Oberon is a fickle lord and his gifts can be as ephemeral and fleeting as he.
Wasalu: Prophet of poets, musicians, and freedom fighters the faith of the poet is one about the freedom of thought and expression where expressing ones thoughts is as important as questioning them.
Lares and Penates: Older than some of the oldest faiths, Lares and Penates are the collective names for the spirits of the house and the souls of ancestors long past. Believed in and followed by many of the Imperial East and their cultural descendants, these small collections of ancestors and spirits are said to protect the home and give guidance to their descendants. In the east, they are often associated with the Imperial Cult and as fonts for access to The Spire and its blessings. In the frontier however, some followers place their home shrines apart, and sometimes above, that of the great faiths themselves.

Faiths of the Frontiersmen:

Founded by minority faiths looking for further religious liberty beyond the yolk of the growing Imperial Creed of their homeland, the settlers that came to be known as the frontiersmen are a mishmash of minority sects, ancient faiths, and lost religions that often are not seen anywhere else in the world, Imperial Lands or otherwise.

Faiths of Note

Aurum: The Last King and the First Prophet, the church of Aurum still has weight out here on the frontier. Here he is worshiped as the ideal of humankind and exile culture, a man able to rise above the plights of his position to become the greatest of exile kind and for his mastery over the forces of water, a feat that is much sought after in these parched lands.
Jeremiah, The Toiler: A humble and some would say hapless farmer of the early age of reclaimation, Jeremiah is prophet of the peasent and the common man. Through him farmers discover when is the best time to plant their crops and how best to design their newest plow and scythe. His is the religion of mans toil to shape the world to maintain him and the bumbling humor of mans endeavors.
Joshua The Traveler: The humble prophet of the open road, Joshua is the primary prophet of the Halfling race. His faith extols the virtues of a life spent abroad with the stars to guide you, as well as to warn traveler away from danger. He is followed by the many traveling halfling tribes and caravans who use his wisdom to guide them to their destinations safely.
Lady Urellia: The lady of light and protection, Lady Urellia is the defender of the weak and those who do not have the power to defend themselves. Her followers are mostly those who seek protection for their ordinary lives, those looking to wake up each morning to a family safe, an honest days work, and return to sleep at night without worry of horror steeping foot on their door. The rest of her congregation are those who make those dreams a reality for everyone, sacrificing their time and themselves in order to allow the light of others to continue burning.
Lycanus: Lord of Predators, Lycanus is considered the patron lord of all beast races and a favorite deity of many native tribes. Here he is often worshiped by feralfolk and whitecape vanara as the progenitor of their species and the protector of their people. The rest of his packs are often composed of humans, half-orcs, and the rare orc who seek to gain the powers of the great predators that stalk their lands.
Otis the Ratman: Prophet of the night and the desperate, followers of Otis are those to whom all other options have evaporated and his dark teachings are all that remain. On the frontier he is often worshiped in towns on the very edges of civilization and that have been beset by misfortune and destruction. Otherwise he is followed by small secret cults that lie hidden within larger civilizations or within the ruins dotting the landscape. Here these followers seek to abate whatever dark powers they have discovered by any means necessary.
Renequet: The protector of souls and patron of the sun and venoms, Renequet is the lord of truenames, fate, and the souls as well as snakes and their fiery venoms. She is worshiped by frontiersman who seek to know the ways of truename magic, the paths the future has in store for them, to protect the souls of newborns and the dying, and those seeking to wield the power of serpents and their fiery venoms. She is also worshiped by the native tribes (including a few orc tribes) for her power over fire and the deadly venoms of earthly creatures. Through her they seek mastery over the powers of the desert and some of its most insidious creatures.
Rowdrosh: Known as the Divine Herdsman Rowdrosh is the divine patron of herdsman and herd animals, said to protect them and their flock from predators. Though his cult is quite small Rowdrosh seems to have gathered a large following amongst the herdsman and shepherds of Upper, Lower, and Middleborough creating a cult that numbers around 100 individuals.
Stromyr: Known as the prophet of the Storm, out here on the arid frontier this prophet takes on the role as the religion of choice for cowboys, warriors, and prospectors. Out here his name is invoked when when a prospector picks into hard earth with a sweat covered brow, when a caravan guard has to wade knee deep into bandits in order to defend his employer, or when a cowboy or rancher must spend weeks in a deadly game of cat & mouse against the various predatory beasts of the expanse.

Gods of the Frontier

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