Current Prestige awards

This is a track of all prestige currently gained by the PC’s in the Refugee ap game. All accomplishments listed here are worth 1 prestige unless otherwise noted. Prestige gained from leveling is also exempt from this rule

Thoorin: 19/28

  • 6th level
  • Robbed DDP for lots of GP
  • Crossed the frontier without using roads
  • Survived Black Beak Peak.
  • Defeated the Firebrand Tremin in a debate to save a mans life
  • Gave mercy to Frontiersmen in Lynch mob
  • Saved the people of Golden Fields Farms: 3 pp
  • Managed to capture and/or kill all the great Beasts plaguing Lowerborough in 1 week: 3 pp
  • Cleared the Winter Wights: 3 pp
  • Brought the Dragon Brothers to justice
  • Successfully cleared a decommissioned caravan while saving the trapped victims
  • Discovering and clearing the Cult of Ghlaunder in the village of Ravenmoor.
  • Escaped and/or destroyed illegal slaving operation, freeing his fellow prisoners
  • Defeated 100 evil spirits by dropping an avalanche on them and himself, surviving the encounter
  • Fended off extraplanar threats to Middleborough during gatestorm even at the cost of extreme injury to self
  • Defeated and disposed of the Fiend Golem monstrosity known as Dekepho by way of scientific inquiry by the Psychosis Beacon.
  • For defeating the Inferno Stymphallaides on a path of fire.
  • For fending off the shadows of the past that plagued the Sun Festival

Annina 6/11 (Orc) 10/10

  • 6th level
  • Deciphering The Sunfire Menhirs
  • Successfully Contacting The Hand That Shapes the Sun
  • For diving into the rift into the Maelstorm and experiencing the Cerulean Sea
  • (Orc) For pulling an evil being from beyond out of the sky with her hair: 2pp
  • For finding a “chupacabra”, a rare and theorhetically fake creature and sending back a trophy containing its “magical powers” as evidence to the Society.: 2pp
  • For meeting the great assassin Camazotz and all his monsters in combat and not flinchin’: 2pp

Kai 3/23

  • 6th level
  • Carried an ancient spirit to her rightful lords feet to receive glories.
  • Aided the Scrapwalkers of Red Symmetry in finding the proper heading of their Iron Spirit.
  • Followed the Shadowed Trail, Defeated the Envoy of Change Ziggy Pop Fizzure, and sent him back to the Maelstorm: 2 pp
  • Safely evacuated nomads to safety from horrible Ch’ii’dii
  • Discovered ancient artifacts within the mound of the Sacred Tree
  • Saved a sick man from the Devil Chills
  • For raising the prominence of the Dead Coyotes during the Sun Festival: 2 pp
  • For fending off a surprise attack by the Bloody Chupar and taking many scalps: 2 pp
  • For successfully tracking down and surviving a hunt for the Armored Buffalo Dragon
  • For saving the remains of Severa’s retinue from the dangerous Saber Cat.
  • For defeating Camazotz, The Peace Walker and powerful assassin of the Bloody Chupar: 2 pp
  • For saving the Painted Bluffs and curing them of the Weead Feva: 2pp

Loren 4/7

  • 5th level
  • Upholding the dignity of the Empire at the Nomad Festival
  • Fought of the alien outsiders from beyond our reality, returning them to their foul dominion.

Taiyo Chen: 15/15

  • 6th level
  • For fending off the hordes of malicious Bloody Chupar, violent nomads seeking to harm others.
  • For successfully tracking down and surviving a hunt for the Armored Buffalo Dragon
  • Survived a Trip down Mt. Yosemite with Ogrekin in hot pursuit, escaping through the power of Grandfather Owl.
  • Saved the remains of Severa’s retinue from an attack by a great beast.
  • Saved Annina, Kai, and the rest of his hunting party from an ambush by Camazotz The Peaceful One, powerful warrior off the Bloody Moon Circle and The Bloody Chupar: 2 pp
  • For saving the Painted Bluffs from death.
  • For discovering the remote followers of The Painted Bluffs and learning more about their faith.
  • For convincing Iqesis Sunstone to join the United Churches, bringing her followers into the fold.

Current Prestige awards

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