The Two Worlder

Alignment: NG
Domains: Charm, Good, Liberation, Strength
Subdomains: Agathion, Freedom, Love, Lust
Favored Weapon: Flail
Holy Symbol: Figure with colorful sashes
Sacred animal: Swan
Sacred Colors: Purple, White

“They walk between two worlds, a fusion of two souls able to commune with the spirit world as well as our own. They walk between our world and theirs and make sure neither does harm. ”

One of the original members of the Nomad Tribe said to have ascended from the Tormentor’s Caverns following the fall of the Iron Lords, The Two Worlder is said to have ascended when they discovered the empathetic connections linking all life together, the threads that wind between a thousand lives all strung together to keep our societies entwined. It is said they discovered this after walking The Path of All Lives, donning the roles of all in her community, their land, and then eventually the spirits of the Great Paths beyond. This greater connection is something that her followers seek to emulate, finding a greater understanding of the world around them through the lives that live it, and taking that connection into themselves and using it to aid their people.

Religious Views: Followers of the Two Worlder seek to create harmony in this world and the next through a better balance within both. To this end, The Two Worlder teaches a greater understanding and empathy for the world around us, a greater compassion for the people and things we share this world with, and a greater connection to the worlds beyond their own. The faith teaches the importance of understanding the everchanging value and importance of all things, and through this assess and change their lives and world for the better.

Relationship with other races: The faith of the Two Worlder is surprisingly respected across most racial lines, with followers of the faith coming from nearly all racial lines. That said, Ogres tend to find followers of more attractive due to their perceived multiple souls and

Relationships with other religions:

Followers: Through their constant connections, followers and practitioners of the faith seek to find harmony with the people and the world around them, settling disputes between the people of their lands, harmony with the land they walk, and help the spirits of beyond find peace in this world or return to their own homes.

Shamans often spend large swaths of time travelling, living as other members of their communities. To this end, they often fill gaps in social and economic orders of their host tribes, using their collected skills and wisdom to fill those needs their adopted homes have not been able to fill on their own. These shamans forsake their former lives upon taking up their cause, removing their connections to clans and tribal loyalties in order to offer aid without connection to previous familial structures.

Holy Book:

The Two Worlder

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