The Nomads

Gaining Fame:

Nomads focus on gaining fame amongst their people first and foremost, with warriors and adventurers under their faction umbrella focusing on protecting Nomadic tribes, sacred sites, fending off Nohronohital (plague spirits), participating in vision quests and great hunts, and reconnecting with lost historical sites and spirits of nomadic history. Lesser gains include prayer to their various lords and the ritual hunting or taming of various great beasts in the land, stealing horses from enemy combatants, performing dog stance fights, disarming opponents, and other acts of counting coup. Many a brave has earned himself this title after long and storied encounters with elusive beasts that are said to guide them to their fate.

Fame 1

Nomad Weapon Training (PP 5):
You are trained in one of the traditional weapons of the frontier.
a nomad may seek out training with members of the nomad clans in the traditional weapons of these peoples. You gain exotic weapon proficiency in Gunstock club, Handaxe, Horsebow, Longbow, Reflex Bow, Riding club, Shortbow, Throwing Hatchet, or Tomahawk.
Nomad Meditation (PP 5):
You have trained in the sacred rites of the Laurentian wanderers, learning how to fast and sweat to achieve an enlightened peace few can reach.
a nomad may seek out training with members of the nomad clans in the traditional rite and rituals to cleanse their body and mind for the day ahead. You gain the Meditation Master Feat as a bonus feat.
Planar Pact (5 PP):
The nomads understand this land better than the frontiersman and the Imperials ever have, and have seen its second world and know its inhabitants.
A nomad may call upon the shamans of his allied tribes to summon helpful frontier spirits to aid him. These options are any Augur, Cacodaemon, Cassian, Celestial Hawk, Cynthigot, Fiendish Viper, Mephit, Nosoi, Nuglub, Resolute Owl, Silvanshee, Small Elemental, or Void Worm. This modifies their usual list options.

Fame 5

Wilderness Essentials:
Your time in the plains and badlands has taught you that what is most important in this world is what keeps you warm in the winter and fed in the summer. And a if it can’t be carried it will only slow you down.
Purchase mundane items such as rope, tents, trail rations, and other no combat survival gear for half price from nomad camps and settlements. This does not include caravan goods or equipment.

Fame 10

Fearsome Reputation (PP 5):
You are becoming so prominent in the frontier for your prowess in battle that your reputation has begun to proceed you. Now, you have learned how to weaponize it.
You gain Fearsome Reputation as a bonus feat.
Medicinal Study I (PP 1 or 2):
The medicine men of the nomads and their many societies grant you a medicine bundle and a small fragment of the knowledge needed to use it. The benefit is temporary and the strain on your body is taxing, but the rewards of the shamans, chiefs, and warchiefs are not things to be trifled with.
This ability functions as Arcane Study I except you select spells from the Witch spell list or the Shaman spell list.

Brave (Fame 10 PP 3): You have been honored for your skill in combat and the hunt with the title of Brave, showing that you not only laugh in the face of danger but are a force to be reckoned with on the field. You receive a +1 on all saves vs fear and gain the Count Coup ability.

  • Count Coup: Your skills in the field of combat are so great that you can use them to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies, taking reckless actions and showing off your skills in order to undermine your enemy and make it a more fair fight. When in combat you may declare one of your melee attacks a coup attack. The coup attack does no damage, just barely touching the target but proving you have the capacity to land a telling blow. This grants you 1 stack of coup. You may also gain a stack of coup by provoking an attack of opportunity and not being hit. At 5 stacks your target is shaken for until you lose all stacks of coup. At 10 stacks of coup you have rattled the target so thoroughly that he begins to show his weakness increasing the threat range of your melee weapon by 1 for each point above 10. At 20 stacks the target is frightened by the shear skill of your moves gaining the frightened condition for 1 minute.

You cannot be carrying a heavy load or wearing heavy armor to count coup, taking damage while counting coup reduces coup to 0, attacking another target reduces coup to 0 against the previous target, you cannot count coup with a reach weapon, you cannot alternate weapons to count coup with unless they are the same type (i.e. using 2 dagger does not reset but using a club and a rapier would. Natural weapons are exempt from this rule), failing a Will save vs. fear, charm, or compulsion effects reduces coup to 0, being intimidated reduces coup to 0. If you are critically hit, fail a save vs. a fear effect or enchantment effect, or are intimidated by your current coup target you lose all coup stacks and your target is immune to further coup stacks for 24 hours.

Fame 20

Initiate of the Horned Toad (Na’asho’ii Dich’izhii) (Fame 20; PP 2):
You are invited to join the Horned Toad Lodge, one of the sacred lodges hosted by the Dead Coyotes and other Nomad Tribes of the Great Green Sea. They are well renowned for their skills at warding off spirits of illness and help teach you greater feats of sickness medicine, including how to construct your own medicine bundle.
You earn the honorific “shaman” and become specialized in Heal. In addition, you learn the secrets of medicine, the senior members showing you how to call on the Horned Toad medicine through visions and spiritual training and craft your own Horned Toad medicine bundle. Select one disease or poison when you earn this title, you receive a +2 to heal checks when treating this condition with your medicine bag and patients competence bonus vs. the condition increases by 1. As long as you have this medicine bag, you are treated as having ample supplies against your chosen condition and suffer no penalties for lacking supplies. This benefit only applies when you are using your medicine bag and no one else may use your bag to gain this effect. This medicine bag counts as a necromancy implement for the purpose of qualify for occultist implements.
Initiate of the Raccoon, Raven, and Coyote (Fame 20 PP 2):
You are invited to join the Lodge of Raccoon, Raven, and Coyote, one of the sacred lodges hosted by the Dead Coyotes and other Nomad Tribes of the Great Green Sea. House of great tricksters and beguilers, those who join this lodge become well known for their cleverness can and humor. Those who join this lodge go on to become renowned for their cleverness and ability to outwit their enemies. Many become successful horse raiders and often become wealthy chiefs in their own community.
You gain the honorific, “Raccoon Kid, Raven Son, or Kit Brave” and become skilled in Stealth or Sleight of Hand. You also craft a medicine bundle of raccoon furs, raven feathers, and /or coyote parts along with your own personal components. As long as you wear this medicine bundle you treat as if you have the Improved Steal feat. This bundle treats as an occult element for the illusion school for the purpose of qualifying as an occultist implement for you.
Initiate of the Turkey (Fame 20 PP 2):
You are invited to join the Turkey Lodge, one of the sacred lodges hosted by the Dead Coyotes and other Nomad Tribes of the Great Green Sea. Renowned for their skills at War and War Medicine, those who join this lodge go on to become powerful and respected braves and War Chiefs in time.
You gain the honorific, “Polt Brave” and become skilled in Intimidate or Profession (solider) and receive a medicine feather, a sacred feather from the Turkey, whose dance precedes war and scares away the foolish. If attached to a weapon for 24 hours, you may use that weapon to perform a display of your martial prowess to scare off enemies. This functions as Dazzling Display and can be performed 1/week. If you already have Dazzling Display, this war feather may be used with a qualifying weapon to increase the DC by 2 or with a weapon that does not qualify.
Initiate of the Eagle (Fame 20; PP 2):
You are invited to join the Eagle Lodge, one of the sacred lodges hosted by the Dead Coyotes and other Nomad Tribes of the Great Green Sea. They are well renowned for their close connection to the Great Spirit and seek to understand the great mysteries of beyond.
You earn the honorific “Sky Watcher” and become specialized in Knowledge (geography), (history), (local), or Perform (oratory). In addition, you learn the secrets of birds and stars. You gain access to the Prognostication Occult Skill Unlock by reading the paths of birds and stars. If you already have this skill, you recieve a +2 bonus on the check.
Spirit Mentor (Fame 20 PP 5):
Through vision quests, meditation, starvation, and self mortification you have gained the attention and patronage of a powerful spirit of the second world. And if you follow through on their requests, their boons are many.
You gain the Planar Mentor feat. You may select any outsider, fey, or aberration that otherwise fits this description. These creatures must have the extraplanar trait or otherwise fit the description. Choices for this boon should be discussed with your GM prior to selection.

Fame 30

Contrarian of the Raccoon, Raven, and Coyote (Fame 30 PP 5):
You become a full member of the Lodge of Raccoon, Raven, and Coyote, earning yourself greater titles and Fame along with their secrets of misdirection and their first great trick, the Thief of Horses.
You now become skilled in Stealth, Sleight of Hand, or Perception. Your medicine bag advances, allowing you to use the "" or "" feats once per week with you medicine bag. If you already have one of these feats, your number of uses per day increases by one. Third, you may now use the Steal Combat Maneuver to steal horses from a mounted rider. This action is same as a Steal combat maneuver directed against the Riders CMD. On a success the rider is dismounted and you must make a ride check to swiftly mount their mount. Animal companions, Mounts, and other class granted companions grant their riders a bonus to their CMD = to their Devotion bonus + their masters bonus to Handle Animal checks. Any modifiers that increase the DC of Handle Animal checks to the mount also apply to the CMD of the maneuver. You may ready this action as a brace.
Shaman of the Horned Toad (Fame 30, PP 5, Shaman):
You become a full member of the Horned Toad Lodge, one of the sacred lodges hosted by the Dead Coyotes and other Nomad Tribes of the Great Green Sea. Here you learn from other shamans the secret rites of Second World, becoming more skilled at the warding and rebuffing of the spirits & malignancies that can poison the body & mind.
Your medicine bundle now grants +3 to heal checks against your chosen condition and the competence bonus your bundle grants vs. the condition increases to +2. You may select another poison or disease to gain your bonus against. Finally, you are taught special rituals and calculations to further purge malicious spirits from the sick. Once per week, you may perform a special ritual to remove your specific ailment from the sick. Treat this as remove disease or neutralize poison save that the casting time is 1 hour, using your character level as your caster level.
Sky Speaker of the Eagle (Fame 30, PP 5, Sky Watcher):
Your time with the Eagle Lodge has matured you into a greater thinker and reader of the world and it’s Great Spirit, allowing you to commune with the awesome power, and know the world as few do. The lodge smiles at your progress, and you ascend to the ranks of a true member.
You gain the new title of Sky Speaker and select one Knowledge skill or Sense Motive, it is now a class skill. You also receive Diyin Bundle, a sacred object that is bonded to you. 1/day, this item can be used to replicate the powers of feather fall or any feather fall token worth 300gp or less. This bundle can be used as an occultist’s implement for the school of divination, and occultists may expend focus invested in this item to use 1 of these abilities.
Headhunter (Fame 35 PP 10; See Text): [Under Construction]
You have become renowned for you skills at hunting down other warriors and laying them low, causing others to seek you out both to avenge the deaths of others with bloody justice and to remove your head from your shoulders.
You gain the honorific, “Headhunter” and become skilled in Survival or Perception and receive a Grisly Ornament as a bonus feat, learning how to craft scalps into deadly War Medicine to use against your enemies. When used against creatures of the same faction as the trophy, the bonus increases by 2.

Those with the Brave honorific or Fearsome Reputation reduce the cost of this boon by 3. These reductions stack.
Nomadic Arms: (PP variable)
You may purchase or upgrade weapons with the following abilities at a 10% discount:
Darkwood horsebows, longbows, reflex bows, & shortbows; adamantine dagger, weapons made of (bone, stone, or obisidian), beaststrike club, bloodthirst dagger, boulderhead mace, dagger of venom, earthenflail, heartswood spear, hushing arrows (lesser & greater), mace of smiting (lesser & standard), oathbow, slaying arrow (normal & greater all types listed under bane), spirit blade, spirit caller, adaptive, bane (aberration, animal, construct, dragon, goblinoid, humans, magical beasts, orc, evil outsider), conserving, defiant, designating (greater & lesser), dispelling, dispelling burst, distance, endless ammunition, ghost touch, grounding, guardian, huntsmen, igniting, impact (bludgeoning only), invigorating, phase locking, planar, second chance, seeking, speed, spellstealing, stalking, thawing, throwing, valiant, or wounding qualities.
Nomadic Armory: (PP variable)
You may purchase or upgrade armor with the following abilities at 10% discount:
Darkwood bucklers, Living Steel buckler, Living Steel (studded leather, parade, armored coat, kikko, lamellar (steel), kusari gosuko, and tatami-do), armor (made of bone, stone, or obsidian), animated, arrow catching, arrow deflecting, balanced, bitter, bolstering, brawling, champion, creeping, dastard, defiant (aberration, animal, construct, dragon, goblinoid, humans, magical beasts, orc, evil outsider), determination, energy resistance (cold, electricity, fire), improved energy resistance (cold, electricity, fire), greater energy resistance (cold, electricity, fire), expeditious, ghost touch, glamered, grinding, harmonizing, hosteling, impervious, jousting, poison-resistant, rallying, shadow, improved shadow, greater shadow, shoanti war paint (all), spell resistance (all), stanching, unbound, vigilant, wild, wyrmsbreath, boneless leather, catskin leather, giant-hide armor (all), hamatula hide, mistmail, murderer’s blackcloth, rhino hide, scarab breastplate, warden of the woods, dragonslayer’s shield, quick block buckler, spell ward tower shield, winged shield, and wyrmslayer’s shield
Nomadic Medicine: (PP variable)
You may purchase magic items from the following list at a 10% discount:
You may purchase magic items from the following list at 10% discount: bag of holding (all), bag of tricks (all), handy haversack, portable hole, rod of alertness, hexing doll, horn of the huntsmaster, horsemaster’s saddle, incense of meditation, nightdrops, pipes of sounding, polymorphic pouch, rope of climbing, rope of entanglement, rope of knots, sheath of bladestealth, snapleaf, stone familiar, stone horse (all), stone of alarm, stone of alliance, stone of conjuring earth elementals, stone salve, traveler’s any-tool,

The Nomads

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