The Frontiersmen

The frontiersmen are the salt of the earth and the heart of “civilized” culture in the frontier. To them they are the rightful people of this land and have set their independent spirit to the task of both taming this land a sculpting it into a fertile plain for they and their generations to come.

Goals: The frontiersmen value independence and ambition and those who seek to wrangle their own fate with their bare hands are those most likely to succeed. Justice bringers, town founders, self made men, and those who promote the well being of the frontiersmen and their needs are likely to quickly curry favor here.

Fame 1

Life Amid the Lost (PP 5):
Your extensive time amid the strange, fantastical, and often dangerous Lost Technology of the Frontier has taught you the strange ways in which it works.
You gain Technologist as a bonus feat.

Fame 10

Wanderer (Title, 1 PP):
The long time you’ve spent on the road with fellow travelers has enhanced your knack for picking up local customs,
Knowledge (local) becomes a class skill for you as long as you have this title.

Fame 15

Relic Smuggler (15 Fame, 3+ PP):
You are a frontiersmen, and you know how to stash and transport goods that others might not want sold. But who are they to tell you what sparking Lost Tech or ancient Tormentor relics you can and cannot have?
Arrange the disassembly and safe transportation of a magic item or piece of Lost Technology to a Frontiersmen/New Kings-controlled location. Powerful items may cost more Prestige to disassemble. Attempts to rebuild the item are not always successful (see the Disassemble Magic Item feat), so this process is normally used only for contraband items that must be smuggled to another location.

Fame 20

Law Man (Fame 20 PP 5):
You have become a figurehead of law amongst the people of the frontier and are trusted to meet out frontier justice when no one else will.
You are given the right to enforce and enforce laws on the frontiersmen and its citizens including arresting and detaining suspected criminals. In the absence of courts you are even able to adjudicate judgement on law breakers assuming no other option available. Enforcing these laws on individuals outside of the frontier faction may have unforeseen consequences and does not necessarily grant you jurisdiction, just popular support by the people. Thanks to your rigorous study of law you also gain Knowledge (local) as a class skill and a +2 on checks to know local laws.
Preacher Man (Fame 20 PP 2):
You are recognized as a priest of the church by your community, a bastion of the faith you espouse to.
A frontiersman may gain the benefits of the Priest title for a religion of their choice. This must be a religion they are actively involved in. PCs with levels in a divine casting class that requires a religion must pick that religion first.

Fame 30

Frontier Technology expert (Fame 30 PP 5):
your time spent studying the rare and unpredictable lost technology of the frontier has finally yielded you with the ability to wield them. At least more safely then you did before.
You gain proficiency with one piece of lost technology with which you are familiar.
Ride the Trails (Fame 30):
You have made the roads of Laurentia your home and the people who wander it your neighbors and all of you help each other out.
You may obtain free passage amongst any frontier allied caravan traveling through the frontier.
Frontier Arms: (PP variable)
You may purchase or upgrade arms with the following abilities at 10% discount:
Frontier Armory: (PP variable)
You may purchase or upgrade armor with the following abilities at 10% discount:
Frontier Tech: (PP variable)
You may purchase magic items from the following list at a 10% discount:
bag of holding, Bag Of Holding, Muleback Cords, Campfire Bead, Cauldron of Plenty, Ring of Sustenance, Liberator’s Rod, Concealing Pocket, Decanter of Endless Water, Mallet of Building, portable hole, restless lockpicks, seeker’s sight, steadfast gut-stone, stubborn nail, sustaining spoon, Traveler’s Any-Tool, Beneficial Bandolier, cord of stubborn resolve, Heavyload Belt, Horsehoes of speed

Fame 40

New King (Fame 40 Prestige):
You are recognized as one of the new leaders of the frontier, an autocrat/leader of Frontiersmen as a frontiersmen. The Imperials and Nomads may not recognize your authority, but to the people of the frontier, you are the new authority in the wild lands of Laurentia.
More to come…

Fame 50

Folk Hero (Fame 50 Prestige):
You are a true hero in the eyes of the Frontiersmen, a legend sung of in taverns and dance halls in your own lifetime.
More information to follow.

The Frontiersmen

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