The Deathless Warrior

Alignment: CE
Areas of concern: Cold, Warriors, Men, Giants
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Strength, War
Subdomains: Demon, Ferocity, Ice, Tactics
Favored Weapon: Warhammer
Holy Symbol: Icy rune-carved hammer
Sacred Colors: Blue, White
Sacred Animal: Polar Bear

“Avenge yourself three times the slight,
Bow to no Woman,
Suffer not the witch to live”
The 3 Commandments of The Deathless Warrior

Master of war and frost, The Deathless Warrior is the hand by which many of the nomads were lead to freedom. Unfortunately the cost of their freedom was his reign, a ruler ship marked by brutal revenge, feminine subjugation, and a disgust for most magic. Deathless Warrior was an immortal who was as cold and spiteful as he was strong and unkillable and under his guidance many have risen but on the backs of many innocents they have broken beneath their boot.

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Holy Book: The Tale of the Deathless Warrior

The Deathless Warrior

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