The 9 Bad Gods

Az, The Reviled Ram:

Big Pappy Haggakal:

Nurgal: Lord of war and the Shining Scourge of the Orcs, The spirit of sun and war known as Nurgal is the patron spirit of the Orcs. He is the one who carried the Orcs along with the great Grrx through the war with the Tormentors and it is he who stayed after Grrx left to fight in battlefields beyond. He is the hate of the burning rays of the sun, the lash of steel and sweat mingling with blood, and the scald of soil in the eyes of the fallen. Most importantly though he is the roar of the victorious orc as they stand astride their enemies.

Pazu, The Northern Wind: The Demon of the Northern wind, Pazu is said to be the bringer of pestilence and plagues from the north, carried upon its ill wind. He has few followers in the civilized world and is often blamed for a variety of diseases, corruptions, and beastly mutations all believed to have been brought on by his unearthly desires.

Yan-gant-y-tan: Feared far more than worshiped, Yan-gant-y-tan is the lord that which wanders the plains and should not be. From foul planar touched nightmares to the malicious beasts of the astral plane, Yan-gant-y-tan is the father of hellspawn and other beasts of their ilk. It is said that he is the beast that brings the nights that cloak his children in darkness and the storms that maroon travelers in his children’s range. He is sometimes referred to by the common translation of his name, The Wandering.

Starving Dog: Represented as a massive hound of unknown breed, Starving Dog is the hunger that exists in the back of all mens minds, driving them desperately towards atrocious acts in the names of saving them from starvation and curing wasting afflictions. His name is one whispered by those in fear of droughts and famine, for to utter it aloud is said to draw his eye. He has few actual worshipers with most tribes at best supplicating him to avoid his ire. Those who actually worship this monster of hunger & desperation are said to only be the truly mad or desperate, eager to end a life to miserable to continue. He is sometimes worshiped by the gnoll tribes roaming the badlands.

The 9 Bad Gods

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