Alignment: N
Portfolio: Knowledge, Medicine, Humors, the study of life, the soul, and body both alive and dead
Domains: Death, Healing, Knowledge, Magic, Repose
Subdomains: Arcane, Divine, Restoration, Resurrection, Thought, Undead
Favored Weapon: Kukri
Holy Symbol: Red Blood Drop
Sacred Animal: Mouse, Leech, or Viper
Sacred Colors: Red, White

“In him is the knowledge of life”
Libris Sanguinem

The prophet of Humors and medicine Sanguine is an academic who focuses on the study of the human body, its functions, its upkeep, and the diseases which cause it harm. Originally a human mage, Sanguine became an apothecary to study the intricacies of the human body. Eventually Sanguine was selected for ascension after his discovery of four humors and teaching it to the masses. His acolytes are primarily priests, alchemists, necromancers, churgions, and others who study the body and its ties to the mortal world.

Followers: Doctors, Apothecary’s, Alchemists, Necromancers, wizards, and academics seeking understanding of the body. Lay people come to sermons to learn better ways to care and maintain the body or treat common illnesses.

Relationship with other races: The church of Sanguine is an open faith willing to accept any into its fold that are willing to learn its ways. He is one of the few prophets to find a foothold within imperial lands for the religions knowledge of the body, but it is mostly known in academic circles and treated more as valuable knowledge to study and understand rather then divine writ.

Relationships with other religions:

Sects: The church of Sanguine has more than a few offshoots and denominations that focus more on specific aspects of church medicine rather than the larger whole. These sects or specializations vary wildly in quality, study and outlook and this list represents but a few.

Hemoeugenists: Followers of humoral tradition, Hemoeugenists believe that better health and wellness come from selective breeding and careful cultivation of bloodlines to achieve perfect health. These followers are often animal husbandmen or nobility. The former often use the knowledge gained to try and further their goals for stronger herds and extend that to themselves, while the latter use it to justify the selective breeding and marrying habits of their social class, looking to keep their bloodlines “pure” and healthy, free of anomalous stains that might weaken their claims to rulership and potentially their lives.

Hesy-Ra’s: Sect focused on teeth and dentistry, the Hesy-Ra’s find and study teeth for a variety of illnesses. They believe that teeth affect the body and that one’s health and moral character can be found within them. They often speak of illnesses beginning as excretions of “tooth worms”, fiends that generate from poor moral behavior and diet to sicken and kill those who’s teeth they infect.

Notable churches & Monasteries:

Holy Book: Libris Sanguinem


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