Project Refuge Players Guide

The Frontier:

The extreme edge of imperial lands, the frontier is a harsh land of majestic beauty and unforgiving environments. Plagued by harsh weather and a long and bitter history of conflict with the Hogoblin Tyrants and Orc WAHHHHGGG!!!s of their savage neighbors the lands of the frontier are the home only to those with the strength of will and courage to eke out a living from this harsh mistress. Founded centuries ago during the founding of the Imperium, the frontier was thought of as a land of golden opportunities, where fertile soil and clear weather would welcome any who were willing to set out and steak a claim. Unfortunately this vision of fertile fields and mild weather just wasn’t meant to be and those first settlers were walking into the first encounter with what would become a lifelong enemy of the empire.


I think it’s important to try and give you guys some idea of the themes and tone of this ap going forward and at the heart of it all I think the two big themes of this ap are the beauty of the world and the human condition. Throughout this adventure you will see and go through places all over the world, from small humble towns to towering peaks and through it all you will have to deal with people and world views running the gambit from the noble to the abhorrent and is meant to test what your character thinks is the most important things to protect within humanity when all else is laid bare. If you are looking to get into a game that is a simple dungeon crawl or where good is the simplest and easiest option then I have to say this isn’t the adventure to walk into, be prepared for tough decisions and morally gray choices to abound as you, your party, and the people your characters care about all struggle to survive. But for those who actually do put forth the effort to both role play an interesting, dynamic character and the plights of trying to be good in a very human world I can promise it will be rewarded.

Suggested Watching/Playing/Reading:

Attack on Titan, Oregon Trail, The Last of Us, XCOM, Conan, Horizon: Zero Dawn, District 9


From the human settlers to the wild nomads native to the region, the frontier is inundated with the various humanoid races.

Core Races:

These are those races that will be most common and feature prominently in this campaign.

Special Races:

These races can be found in the frontier and often known of or interacted with but do not have a presence or culture large enough on their own. Any of these make for fine options for players looking to try something a bit more adventurous. Be sure to talk with your GM before settling on one of these options.

Banned Races:

These races are ones that are initially not options for player characters for various reasons. As you progress though this AP their will be chances to interact with and eventually create characters of these races. Players should not seek to create characters of these races initially.


Every class playable in the Pathfinder system is legal for play. That being said, how one fits any of the diverse number of classes into this world of magic, bullets, and lost tech is another question entirely. It is highly recommended that players read the entries below for any and all classes they might be interested in playing, so as to better understand how they fit into this world.

Core Classes:

This list includes ALL core classes presented in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook and their Unchained Variants save the Cleric. The cleric is removed from this game and replaced with the Priest class by Kobold Press.

Base Classes:

This list includes ALL base classes published by Paizo in the Advanced Player’s Guide (APG), Ultimate Combat (UC), Ultimate Intrigue (UI), and Ultimate Wilderness (UW).

Note: Until the Shifter receives an errata/FAQ to better explain many of its key abilities we will be using my edited and erratta’d version. Please contact your GM for links to the document.

Alternate Classes:

This list includes the Ninja & Samurai alternate classes published by Paizo as legal for play. The Antipaladin is currently unavailable for reasons described within.

Hybrid Classes:

This list includes ALL hybrid classes published by Paizo in the Advanced Class Guide (ACG) and Ultimate Magic (UM).

Occult Classes:

Students of lost, forbidden, and secretive lore those students of the occult are a furtive bunch, locked in research into things that mankind might not be able to ever fully understand. This list includes ALL occult classes published by Paizo in Occult Adventure (OA).

Legal 3rd Party Classes:

This list includes ALL 3rd Party Classes currently legal for play in the Refuge Adventure Path. These classes will also include references to their books within.


These are the campaign traits for this adventure path. These traits are meant to connect you to Upper, Lower, or Middleburough and the events taking place in these tiny towns on the edge of the civilized world. The link above will take you directly to the campaign traits you need to build your character. For a complete list of setting specific traits follow the link here.

Gods of the Frontier:

Faith is an important aspect of the lives of every person in the frontier if not Oki as a whole. Men set their weeks by the religious holidays, rulers divine their future in the whims of an oracle’s visions, and the sick spend their last silvers buying tokens blessed by the clergy to anoint them against further suffering. Players should familiarize themselves with the common faiths of their faction at the very least as they prepare for the Refugee AP.

Frontier Factions:

Throughout this game you will encounter various factions and organizations that help will help shape the story and the frontier as the game progresses with your actions helping to decide how and what that will entail. Many of these factions you will become attached to will be determined by your initial campaign trait but your chances to become involved with, join, and change to other factions will happen as time moves on.

Legal books:

Books that are currently legal in this game. Assume all current editions and errata are in play save where noted.

House Rules:

List of all the house rules that have been placed on this game currently. Updates are marked with date stamps to help keep track of the newest updates

Project Refuge Players Guide

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