Legal 3rd Party Classes

This list includes ALL 3rd Party Classes currently legal for play in the Refuge Adventure Path. These classes will also include references to their books within. This will grow as more classes are added to the list.

Frontier Cyborg: Devoted to the lost technology of the frontier to a near fanatical extent, Cyborgs are living organisms that have decided to graft such tech to their own flesh. A fusion of man and machine, these dedicated (and some might say fanatical) engineers, fanatics, and sometimes test subjects prowl the frontier for the parts they need to further their augmentations.

Frontier Gardener: Masters of the flora of the natural world, gardeners are those who’s understanding of the plants of the living world goes beyond mere comprehension, and runs straight into what many might call extraordinary. Able to grow walls of vines in a flash, conjure shrubs that sprout explosive fruits from a single seed, and call vines to strengthen their arms in the blink of an eye the power of these farmers turned phytomages is truly a sight to behold, and one mastered by many across the frontier.

Frontier Hussar: Masters of mounted combat, those who take to the Hussar class are those born to the saddle, honing the art of mounted combat until it like a dance, wheeling about the many open fields and plains of the frontier atop their mounts in a flurry of arrows and pointed lances. Hussars appear in all factions, from the nomads mounted with gun, spear, and arrow to hunt the great beasts of the frontier and raid their enemies to the Imperial auxiliary who ride their expensive prizes in the lands that most optimize their skills.

Frontier Priest: The hands and minds of the faiths of mortals, priests spend years training to carry the word and bring its power to the people. Lacking the strength of arms of the Warpriest or the myriad of skills of the Inquisitor, the Priest instead brings his mind and prodigious studies to bear.

Frontier Savant: Rare in any part of Oki, Savants are those who make learning look easy, able to understand the inner workings of the most complicated techniques and render them down to few hand motions and a quick change of pose. To a Savant, the mysteries of life are but an observation away.

Frontier Spell-less Ranger: Not all woodsmen are infused with the magic of nature, and many ply their skills in the wilderness without need of great prayer to the forests and mountains. These woodsmen and scouts are Spell-less Rangers, and in the frontier they are many and on all sides.

Legal 3rd Party Classes

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