Joshua The Traveler

Alignment: NG
Domains: Good, Liberation, Travel, Void, Weather
Subdomains: Agathion, Freedom, Exploration, Revolution, Seasons, Stars
Favored Weapon: Bo Staff
Holy Symbol: Wagon wheel with star chart inscribed
Sacred Colors: Navy Blue, Deep Purple

“They are followers of the stars, wanderers on the cloudless nights, and the watchers against the starless madness.”
Words of the Flock

One of the most well known and well loved of all religions within the lands of Oki, Joshua The Traveler and his clerics (known colloquially as “The Travelers”) can be found throughout every city and town within the civilized realms of Oki. Here they are known predominately for their skills as traveling guides, healers, teamsters, and woodsmen with many of them spending decades if not their whole lives wandering the open roads, knowing many of them like the backs of their hands. Besides the roads and trails of the world they are also known for their extensive knowledge of the night sky and it’s heavenly bodies with their compiled information on the star’s and their movements being second to none in the civilized world and rumored to only be just behind that of the mysterious jungle elves elves and their blood cults.

They keep very few stationary temples or buildings with most of those who follow the teachings of Joshua living lives on the open road as traders or migrant peoples. What few they do keep though are the massive monasteries perched atop the secluded mountaintops of the remote forests and hills of the Confederacy and the Imperium. It is here that the other half of Joshua’s flock practice a far more sedentary and ominous duty. Here they watch the stars and map there movements all the while watching for the signs of creatures they refer to as “The Outer Beings” monsters said to dwell in the Ether of the night sky. Those tasked with defending their people from the depredations of these outer horrors, these “Voidbearers” as they are called by clerics are known for their power to fend of their enemies yet feared for the knowledge they must learn to accomplish it.

Joshua’s relationship with the other religions is rather good, known for his serene demeanor and persevering attitude that leads to an enduring friendship amongst many of the religions. This does not run true though with the followers of Otis or Oberon though. The followers of Otis find his worshipers pitiable at best and horrifying at worst, the length to which they go to “protect” humanity and the destruction they cause not only to the works of man but to the very soul has left much of their clergy as bitter rivals, a threat needed to be ferreted out and removed from society quickly before it is allowed to grow and cause any more damage. It is said that Joshua and Otis were originally allies during his lifetime aiding the people and helping fend off the evils that sought to tear civilizations apart. Unfortunately after Otis learned what awaits those who listen to the whispers of the things that looms beyond the void and hide in it’s darkness Joshua found himself unable to stand beside him any longer, unable to accept the ends to which Otis was willing to go to protect those he cared about and cut ties.

As for Oberon the followers of Joshua find the being suspicious as being neither a prophet of man who seeks it’s safety or a demon, pit lord, or outer being seeking their corruption or exploitation and so doesn’t know why it would want to interact with the souls of men. Oberon’s beliefs in self interest and physical pleasures also have the bad habit of turning the good & noble into the slothful and hedonistic traits that run in hard counter with many of Joshua’s teachings. Many a follower of Joshua is taught to keep their distance from his followers lest they be dragged into a life too fattened to travel the roads and too caught in itself to notice the goings on around it

Cleric: Clerics of Joshua are often loving and selfless, ever ready to lend a helping hand and a kind smile to any who need it. They are often found traveling the roads of Oki from the busy thoroughfares of the Imperium to the secluded farm trails of the frontier confederacy. Many of his followers are gypsy travelers or halflings and both can usually found on good terms with one another. Those clerics of the Void domain though are most often astronomer priest and warriors tasked with following the stars and protecting others from the predators that swoop down from them to prey upon them. To most though these ascetics in their mountaintop monasteries are known for their magnificent star charts, detailed almanacs, and mysterious oracles who are said to read the future with the stars and the winds of the seasons.

The Witnesses: A specialized offshoot of the clergy, Witnesses are clerics of Joshua who have chosen to (or found themselves tasked with) the task of wandering the worlds most dangerous, tragic, or unexplored places. Here they are to witness all that is and was and learn of what has occurred there and is occurring now so as to better inform their people. Witnesses are found at the sites of great wars, tragedies, celebrations, and discoveries throughout time, learning what they can so they may better inform and educate their people. Bearing witness to these events can last a variable amount of time with some pilgrimages lasting only a few weeks or months to some being lifelong commitments. Many Witnesses are inquisitors, bards, or investigators but it is not unheard of for followers of any walk of life to become Witnesses.

Religious Practices:

The Heavenly Vault: One of the most common names for the stars in the sky, The Heavenly Vault is one of the titles for the night sky. It was said to be coined by Joshua to refer to the night sky, holding the lights of the sky within it like a Heavenly vault of glass.

Weddings: Followers of Joshua often get married under clear starlit nights by a member of the church with services held near their hometown. The cleric uses this location to grant them a “Home Map” a gift from the church of a map of a local constellation that aligns with their origin home during this time of year and allowing them to always find their way back there and symbolically to each other. The couples marriage is said to be tied to this constellation like an astrological sign and each is often associated with various strengths and weaknesses for marriages. Participants in the wedding often give gifts of either supplies, wagons (for traveling families), or “favorite stars”. Favorite stars are constellations that lead to important resources or places to that follower. Giving someone a set of Favorite Stars is often a high sign of respect, love, and friendship as sharing these secret signs and coordinates means that the giver not only trusts them with this knowledge but would like to see them again.

Followers: Travelers, caravaneers, halflings, astronomers, guides

Relationship with other races:

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Notable churches & Monasteries:

Joshua The Traveler

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