Frontier Traits

For those of you unfamiliar with the traits system traits are basically minor bonuses for characters that are meant to allow players to mechanically represent character background choices. This system basically allows your fighter who was raised in the church to be trained in religious knowledge or your mage to actually remember some of the things he learned while picking pockets on the street. All characters begin play with 2 traits of their choice. No 2 traits may come from the same category of traits and all players must take one of the campaign traits in the campaign traits list below. Region traits for the Oki campaign setting will also be added in here as they are created.

Campaign Traits: These traits tie your character narratively to the campaign you are playing in. It is required that each PC have 1 of these traits for the Refugee AP.

Combat Traits:

Faith Traits:

Magic Traits:

Regional Traits:

Frontier Traits

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