The premature stage of the monstrous creatures known as Hags, changelings are the offspring of these monsterous creatures and their lovers. These children are often hidden in human settlements, left on the doorsteps of unsuspecting parents or switched with the newborns of others so that they might be raised and protected by the very people they often prey upon. These human cokoburoughs grow up hidden and protected by their human society until they eventually recieve “The Call” a hypnotic some might say spiritual call to discover their true origin. This call leads them from their homes and often towards their mother and initiates their transformation from changeling to Hag.

Appearance: Changelings are often tall, slender, and attractive with dark hair and mismatched colored eyes. Due to their unique nature they are always female.

Changelings in the Frontier: Uncommon but not unheard of, changelings dot the frontier in nearly every society. Nomad changelings often take on roles as medicine women or priests of the various disparaging faiths of the nomad pantheon while those raised in frontiersmen towns often become medicine women or followers of Jeremiah. Those that appear within the lands more firmly under the control of the Imperium often adapt into their families roles until their call comes, disappearing to follow the near hypnotic urge to discover their origins. All of these of course, assume that these changelings are not discovered and/or drummed out of town by their human neighbors should their natures be discovered or their own actions put their settlements in jeopardy.

Faiths: Changelings often gravitate toward The Two Worlder or the faith of Jeremiah, The Toiler with the former’s focus on change and connection to the Greater World speaking to the changeling experience. Meanwhile, Jeremiah’s focus on herbalism, folk magic, and Cunning Women often speaks to changelings with any sort of magical inclinations. The presence of Beatrice The Sage, the mysterious cohort and sometimes magical antagonist of the hapless Jeremiah also has a strong following among changelings, who often take her as a changeling and second half of the Jeremiah faith.


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