A small town along the northern edge of the Blighted Mire and the Spirit Woods, Bogwater is a sleepy little town with an unusually large amount of gar and a rather large competition for them. The town holds an annual gar or “Gator Fish” (as they are called) competition in order to help keep their numbers in check with whomever brings in the largest being declared the winner. Every year though they always have a standing award for anyone who can find and defeat Big Papa the largest gar in the marshes of Bogwater and said to be the progenitor for all the mightiest gar therein. Currently though the town has managed to come into some good fortune as a group of Travelling Heroes managed to finally put to rest the menace of Big Papa.

Town Stats

LN village
Corruption -1; Crime -1; Economy +0; Law +0; Lore +1; Society -2
Qualities rumormongering citizens, tourist attraction
Danger +0; Disadvantages
Government autocracy
Population 117 (93 humans, 17 half-orcs, 6 halflings, 1 half-elf)
Notable NPCs
Mayor Tanner Basken (LG male human expert 3)
Sheriff Ira Skeen (LN female human fighter 1/ranger 3)
Father Valarious (NG male human Cleric 6)
Base Value 600 gp; Purchase Limit 2,500 gp; Spellcasting 1st
Minor Items 2d4; Medium Items 1d4; Major Items —

Minor Items list:

1. Bolts +1 (10) (2061 gp)
2. Wand of Darkness (34 charges) (CL /SL 2) (3060 gp)
3. Cloak of the Manta Ray (7200 gp)
4. Wand of Hold Person (33 charges) (CL 3rd/ SL 2) (2970 gp)
5. +1 Composite Shortbow (2375 gp)
6. Dust of Illusion (1200 gp)
7. +1 Heavy Steel Shield (1170 gp)

Medium Items list:

  1. Scroll of Imbue with spell ability (CL 7th/ SL 4) (700 gp)
  2. Potion of Gaseous Form (CL 5th/SL 3) (750)
  3. Potion of Fly (CL 5th/SL 3) (750 gp)


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