Travel Log of Lazarus S. Brixton 3

Entry 3

Lazarus S. Brixton
We had left the caravan for four days. Only four days in the care of Gaius and we come back to a burning and shot up caravan. Clearly, we can never trust anything in the care of Gaius. I do believe that he might be the reason we can’t have nice things in the Little Ray of Sunshine Caravan. As even I write this, the Tyrant King Savage Cree lays on my stretcher with various gunshot wounds. I’ve done what I can but only the savage can decide if he wants to pull through.

Let us begin from our decision to explore the mountains which we called Blackbeak Peaks. We early that morning in a party containing Professor Bellrene, the Frontiersman, the creature, the fair Katarina, and most importantly me. Our first day was fairly tame, we followed the trail of a most elusive creature. We chose this method for exploration as it made sense that it would follow the water sites and other game trails in this area.
Alas despite our best efforts, we were unable to find the creature that we sought and convert it into a scarf for the fair Katarina. Upon the realization of the late hour, I decided to find a cave and convert it into a survival shelter worthy of any Calvan gentleman. I spared no effort in the creation of the shelter as we were accompanied by a member of the weaker sex. This dreadful cold would have surely sapped the energy of a delicate lady such as her.

The next morning we set out for the sake of pure exploration. And explore we did! However, exploration is not without its hazards. Upon the discovery of possibly prehistoric towers, we’ve apparently awakened its ancient guardians, Black Beak and its mate the Kaukasios Buzzard. After battling them hook and claw, they finally took me by surprise and ripped out my liver. At this minor shock to the system, I was slow to guard against the next onslaught. Unfortunately, this lead to my unconsciousness.

I awoke later that night and promptly regenerated my liver. My compatriots and I were inside the actual tower. Apparently after I fell unconscious, Professor Bellrene successfully forced the creatures to flee. Now that I had gathered my bearings, I inspected the tower with the Professor. The tower was covered in Ancient Uclid writings on the inside. We took impressions and drawings of the inscribings including this strange node that the writing appeared to be centered about. The Frontiersman and the creature explored the other tower and found some money. We decided it was best to stay the night in the inaccessible second floor of the towers.

We left again in the morning focusing on finishing mapping our self assigned area. The morning was uneventful until my keen senses picked up the sounds of footsteps following us. We decided to continue on and tried to stealth our trail using the nomadic methods of the appealing Katarina. Alas our stealth seemed to be for naught as the the ground decided to open up underneath us. Utilizing my Calvan reflexes honed through years of flexibility exercises, I managed to firmly attach myself to a cliff wall with sheer strength alone. Surprisingly, the creature managed to avoid the new sinkhole that engulfed our away party.

Fortunately for my party, it doesn’t seemed like anyone was particularly injured. More importantly, it turns out that my compatriots sacrifice of dignity yielded results. The sinkhole was actually the roof of a tunnel system. It was not just any tunnel system, but an actual Umbral Road. For those of my less educated readers, an Umbral Road is as it sounds an underground tunnel that leads to the Umber. The more important part of it was that the tunnels bypass the dangers above. Imagine this, being able to travel through the mountains free of the dangers of Black Beak, Kaukasios Buzzard, ambush and no needing a squadron of Calvan gunslingers to shoot down every buzzard on that mountain. We naturally marked it our map and decided to camp there for the night. We placed a watch and on the fourth day we decided to return.

The first sign of trouble I received was the sudden realization that I was alone and that the rest of the party had left me behind. I then turned my good eye towards the sky. The dreaded Black Beak had returned. Mindful of the strength of the ancient beast, I decided to travel forward to more favorable terrain to reunite with our party. We led the beast through narrow passages, a swarm of impotent angry bees, and steep hill. The hill was where I decided to see if I could make a stand against the beast, but alas the beast promptly ate my new liver. The next few seconds were a blur as the Frontiersman in Bramble distracted the beast whilst the creature attempted to continue its run as Ambrose and Katarina had already fled. I crafted another liver and restored my wounds and continued forth. By this time, the creature had entangled itself in the brambles. I had come across a river and while I investigated for the fording spot, I’ll admit I may have stopped to watch the beast gets its comeuppance. The Frontiersman had fled at this point and slammed into a den of wild bears. As the man was hunter, I felt fully in my rights to sneak past the bears whilst he distracted them.

We met up shortly afterwards and proceeded to head back to the caravan. The caravan trade goods and half its provisions were on fire in the center of the camp with the crew of the caravan caterwauling about the Death’s Stranger. Apparently, it’s an old Frontier tale about a man so evil that death itself rejected him and damned him to an eternity of wandering the world. Balderdash! While I no doubt that the bandit who attacked our caravan may have called himself Death’s Stranger, I don’t believe in assigning supernatural powers to a mere bandit, no matter how proficient with a firearm the man may be. Merely a common man using an old legend to take advantage of superstitious frontierfolk.

At least, Gaius was not taken in with such shenanigans, however he still talked back to a man with a gun pointed at him. He got himself and the Tyrant King Cree shot. In addition, he caused the the man to levy a punishment of half our food to the fire. Clearly, this demonstrated that the man can not be trusted to take care of anything. By Sanguine, at least he didn’t do anything foolish like spend our remaining money on frippery. I’m going to end this entry here as I must get back to tending Cree and figuring out what the savage creature is bellowing about.



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