Travel Log of Lazarus S. Brixton

Entry 1

Lazarus S. Brixton
Entry 1

Gaius Larcius Quintus. This man has dogged me for years. As a classmate, a roommate, and most importantly as a rival. It seems that nothing I can do can get rid of this man from my life! The worst part is that I don’t even know how such a man got picked for such a prestigious opportunity under the illustrious Professor Ambrose Ballrene. I will give Gaius credit, he is a brilliant man and a damnable fool who has somehow beaten me in every single Alchemy Exam we had. Seriously, I swear that the Alchemy exams are rigged somehow. I got a perfect score once on the exam, and he just saunters up to his Cauldron of his and promptly completes the exam and gets higher than a perfect score! How is that possible! I can not count the ways this man has slighted me with his mere existence!

Regardless of his academic achievements, once we hit the open road, it became quite clear to me that Gaius has little practical skills for this internship of ours. The man cannot live off the land, cannot fish, cannot even read a map particularly well. I, being a premier Calvis Gentleman, decided to lead by example and showed him the very basics of these skills. Unfortunately, he seemed to have disdained them as the meeting with the Caravan head showed.

We finally arrive three days late to our rendezvous due to the countless breaks that Gaius forced us to stop at while I attempted to reason with him with my superior rhetorical skills. At this time the temperature was roughly around a tad chilly and a fog reminiscent of my hometown had rolled in. I, of course, decided to have a reasoned debate with Gaius over the status of the rendezvous. During this verbal interplay, we were rudely interrupted by the savage named Girrard. Girrard is evidently a Feralfolk. but at the time I merely thought of him as one of the many Savages that dot this land with nothing to add to the teachings of Sanguine. Unfortunately, he did not seem to like being addressed by his proper title of savage and gave me a little bit of a fright.

After this we met up with the Caravan and Professor Ballrene. I made certain to introduce myself first to prevent Gaius from attempting to ingratiate himself with the Professor. However, the Professor seemed to be rather distracted and merely pointed Gaius and I towards Charles Crayton, leader of our Caravan. I humbly submitted myself as a medic and then, in perhaps one of the most sublime moments of humor I have encountered, watched Charles run down the list of duties until he could find one that Gaius qualified for. It turns out the apparently the only thing he qualified for was to be our counselor in the form of a Fortune-Teller. As if an academic student in a vein of purely theoretical knowledge can assuage the torments of our souls. Hell knowing the fool, he’ll go on the claims that his research can somehow help and ignore the true cause of suffering, the body.

Speaking of suffering, we met Cree. A savage man for a savage land, not that I will ever tell him that to his face. Such a man puts the fear in me, although it is tempered with my Calvis resolve. I will try to limit my interactions with the man beyond the purely professional. We were assigned wagons. I was originally assigned a spot with six other, while Gaius in his uselessness was going to get a wagon to himself! A proper Gentleman of Calvis will not stand idly by while such a travesty against his stature occurred, so I promptly requisitioned a spot in the Fortune-Tellers wagon by moving my stuff in. We divided up the wagon in our traditional manner and prepared to set off.

We arrived later in the night to the docks. Cree forced even my esteemed prestige to operate as a porter instead of merely shifting it towards those better suited to such actions. Although, it lead to some hilarious situation where Gaius proved that he truly does not know how to handle himself with the proper self-restraint and that our savage scout does not know what a Ursus arcto is. Sadly, I could not enjoy this sight much longer due to the site of Cree sneaking up with a whip. I am fairly certain he would not dare strike my personage, but he is such a savage man that I dare not rely on the basic tenets of civilized society to stop him.

Once we had finished packing, we had a half hour to prepare. I decided to wisely invest this time by finding the nearest alchemy shop and bought some reagents and solvents. I had an encounter with Gaius, who promptly screamed something and fled. Afterwards, I gathered up miscellaneous fabrics to use as bandages as I predict trouble in the coming days.

Once underway and our course laid out, I started on the medical exams of the crew. I sped through most of them as our crew is relatively healthy and skipped examining Cree and Jackie for the reasons of him scaring me and uncertain if the other would assume that my interest is anything but professional and Sanguine in nature. After clearing though the healthy normals of our group, I got to the one I wanted to see, the savage Girrard.

My examinations of the savage yielded great results of the physiological changes. I’ll refrain from enumerating them here as I have already recorded these details elsewhere. Regardless, this examination will speak volumes in advancing my mutagenic research. Once I completed his examination, I sent him on his way. The damn savage fool promptly jumped into the water! The cold must have gotten to his reptilian brain as he stayed down there for six whole minutes before I realized that most people require air. I, of course being being a proper gentleman, jumped in to save only to have the savage pass me on my way down. Incidentally, next time I should rethink jumping into frozen waters wearing heavy furs as I was promptly dragged down. Luckily, the savage showed that he understood the importance of his betters and pulled me from the water. I retreated back to the Fortune-Tellers wagon to change into dry clothing and to warm up.

Well that’s enough for today journal. I have to hide you now.



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