A Big Proposal For Bigfoot

By: Annina Rösch

Bigfoot has been seen as a mythical creature across many cultures meaning he, or perhaps she, is brushed off as not real. Though there have been several eyewitness accounts of Bigfoot’s existence, such as my own, ultimately there was a consensus that there is not enough conclusive evidence to act as proof of such a creature. However, with the help of my remarkable scholastic colleague for my research, Hotah, I will proove that Bigfoot is real along with the Sasquatch race; indeed, the evidence used to prove their existence lies in their language and culture along with my own experience seeing a Bigfoot out in the Frontier.


To whom it may concern,

Whoever you are, young (I assume young) acolyte of the sciences, I suggest you end this line of research now. The skunk ape of the frontier is a myth as countless other researchers and their work will attest. It is at best, another type of outsider, fey, or chi’ii’dii as the locals will call it that others have misidentified or some other mutation of the portly ogrekin that squat in the hills and fields of that endless green sea. At worst, it is a foolish prank that has consumed thousands of pieces in supplies, money, and academic time that cannot be replaced.

I know that you are young and that in the wings of one of the greatest academic minds on the lands of the Frontier that you are looking to position yourself and stand out from the crowd but I implore you now to not waste more of our time and money trying to prove that a massive ape with the smell of a skunk has somehow managed to go unproven in these educated circles for 2 centuries!

What’s worse, you have bothered all of us with your hasty and ill advised proclamations and have little if anything to show for it. Who, pray tell, is this “Hotah” and what, if any, part does he have to play in proving this fantastical assumption true? Have you managed like so many before you, to be deceived by those ill informed farmers or the reclusive nomads that that bear pelt they have slung over their friend in the dead of night is somehow THE LOST MAN APE OF THE WEST?

Even worse, who even are you? How are any of us to trust you or this claim without a name or some other title to hang it on? Why would any scholar of note even consider the words of someone who, for all we know, is a beggar who somehow managed to nick our implements from one of our colleagues or I dare say, this Hotah itself?

Furthermore, whoever you are, refrain from further blanketing this circle of academics with your sweeping declarations on unverified evidence in the future. The Society prides itself on the efficiency of our academic communications network and clogging it with these… libel proclamations tarnishes that goal and encourages further misuse. I will not stand for this rapid circle of academic discussion being clogged with every wild story an adventurer or treasure pillager calling themselves a scholar decides NEEDS to pass my desk and that of my colleagues.

I have included this rebuke and instructions to ignore any further requests of this low caliber in letters to other members of the society and other academic circles to ignore this request. Hopefully none will be further bothered by this or any other ill advised proclamations in the future.

Professor Channary Kerchak,
Naturalist Scholar of Megafauna and Native Ecology

A Big Proposal For Bigfoot

lol you found it! You shouldn’t edit the thing though Carley as someone wrote back based on your original note, so you should leave it as it is and instead respond to that when you get time in game.

A Big Proposal For Bigfoot

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