6 Things Every Imperial Knows about the Frontier

For Players of the Imperial Faction, Sphinx Society, and potentially the United Churches

1. It’s Wild and Untamed: Even after the Orc Wars the lands northeast of the Imperium are still wild and untamed. The people of that land (called nomads) live wild and unruly barely better than animals and follow faiths long gone from the worlds of civilized men.

2. Frontiersmen: The frontiersmen are vassal people loyal to the empire, but are an unruly and often ignorant lot. They left the light of civilization long ago when the faith was new and have lived in the edges of the world for so long that some of the wild has rubbed off on them. Many follow old faiths that have long since left the lands of rational men, and even cavort with the wild peoples of that land like the feralfolk and orcs. Some say that they even cavort with Ogres, producing terrible spawn of great evil, brutal strength, and dark urges.

3. Nomad Faiths: The Great Green Sea is full of faiths and religions dedicated to all manner of enigmatic and potentially dangerous Lords not seen in the Imperium. These faiths are holdovers from a land not touched by the likes of Aurum or the Creed, who long ago expunged the deceptive and dangerous faiths from our lands so that we might never be lead astray by those beings alien to mortal men.

4. The Strange Technology: Greatest of all its mysteries, the Frontier is full of strange technologies found nowhere else in all of Oki. This is the land where the Calvans found their great stash of firearms and with them pushed back the Orcs during the Orc Wars, and where Spirespawn wander free or awaken from deep slumbers buried in the earth. These relics are holy things the Creed denotes as parts of the Great Spire in the heart of the Imperium and many are considered the divine property of the faith. To find or keep one of these is to have the favor of The Spire and great prestige in the Imperium. Many have left to the west to find their fortunes here in this land of holy mysteries.

5. Horsemen and Orc Wars: The nomads are known for their mastery of the horse and other mounted beasts, having long ago elevated these beasts that take to the saddle as holy creatures. They say that wealth is measured in horses rather than gold in these lands, and great leaders will have whole herds to their names. More terrifying than the nomads though is the Orc, the greenskin menace that lead the Orc Wars 2 centuries ago. These brutes are said to be taller than the greatest warrior, with bodies of knotted green muscle, and wield weapons of terrible power atop beasts the rational man can barely comprehend. They were beaten back 2 centuries ago with the help of the Imperial troops and some nomad loyal to the Imperium who helped push them back beyond a great mountain range in the area, but many are still in Imperial space, roving and raiding with fire and dark glee.

6. Dragons, Giants, and “Iron Spirits”: The lands of the frontier hold many other beasts beyond the nomads thanks to its nature as a land wild and untamed. Giants of old still wander the lands and dragons stalk the tall grasses like nowhere else. Some say these beasts have faces of swords, tails like battering rams, and are so massive that they can climb the greatest city walls like a goat fence. Amidst these also stand mysterious and terrifying creatures called “Iron Spirits” said to be the spirits of the dead locked within walking tombs of metal. These beasts are said to be able to breath lightning, shatter swords on their breasts, and defend themselves with glowing airs that surround their bodies. Many believe them to be lost souls of the Creed, Spireborn looking to return home or driven mad and left to wander the earth for past misdeeds. They are said to be beautiful and terrifying and best avoided by all but the most well prepared or most foolish.



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