…Born of native blood, Founded by The Exiles, Guided by The Relics, Oki is a land where that which was thought to have gone with the ages may still live just around the next bend.

Oki is a land founded through conflict and disposal. Millenia ago the great cities of the mainland implemented a sweeping reform in their justice system. To keep up with new religious tenents and political reform the mainlanders took to the task of exiling many of their criminals. Everyone from their murderers and thieves to the political rivals and subjugated fringe groups, none were safe from this new form of punishment. Now almost six centuries later this unique brand of punishment is still upheld and what has survived of the exiled humanity has thrived upon this natural alcatraz thanks to the relics of old left behind all across Oki’s lands. But all is not well in good many of the natives are still quite hostile to the exiles that have come and taken up residences across what land they call rightfully theirs as their natural world seems to be being pushed back a little farther each day with each Exile expansion, Noble families are in a constant state of tug of war as they try to gain new lands and the relics they could contain while desperately trying to appease original relic that gave them all the power they claim today and the council it has selected, and meanwhile much of the map still remains uncharted from the swamps in the east to The Fist in the west much of the map is still blank space that all the leaders desperately seek to fill in. Now with this dear adventurers do you think you will be a match for life in Oki?