Time line

The history of this land is far older then any of our minds can manage to elaborate upon in one sitting but that does not mean that we cannot try. It is with that in mind that we seek to chronicle all that is known of this odd and foreign land in the hopes that we may better understand it.

65,000 years from current era: All known historical records begin. Even current accumulated collections of native histories all seem to have no recorded data before this point. Many theories revolve around this occurrence yet nothing is conclusive. Many records of the time also mention the formation of the area known as “The Deadlands” by modern scholars under various names. Whether this incidence and the lack of data prior to this date correlate is unknown the forging of The Deadlands being tragic but by no means big enough to eliminate all history prior. The oldest known record from this time is a tome fragment referred to as “The Legrere Fragment” which simply states “…and then we rebuilt”.

1,000 years from current era: exiled man begins to show up on the shores of Oki as punishment for various crimes during their previous lives on the mainlands. They are received with mixed feelings by the various coastal cultures and no universal response is seen by any one group of natives.

900 YCA: The Joshua recruits Otis, Lady Urelia, Helios, and Chalice. They begin the first Tales of The Prophets. there adventures become the stuff of legend as they explore the lands of Oki and learn the greater secrets of the multiverse. Many of these tales have become scripture as their respective prophets took on their power.

888 YCA: The Travelers discover the Temple of the Blind God deep in the southern jungles of Nule. What transpires there is debated, in the end Chalice is severely wounded along with Lady Urelia. Otis and Joshua are irrevocably changed. A schism between them begins to arise.

860 YCA: Otis and Joshua come to a head with one another. Otis leaves after relationships cannot be mended.

850 YCA: Urelia retires from adventuring and founds The Illuminated Order in the hopes of better defending mortals from the depredations of evil.

810 YCA: Urelia, after a lifetime of service to the exiles and the forces of good, dies peacefully in her home. She ascends to prophethood. The Illuminated Order becomes her acting clergy gaining its first clerics and paladins.

800 years from current era: Aurum appears amongst mankind. Claiming to be the last true king of the homeland, Aurum sets about organizing and uniting the disparaging tribes of exiles throughout the southern and western fringes of Oki.

500 years from current era:

300 years from current era: Humanities exiles have finally managed to cobble together a true culture from the many disparaging factions that now found themselves stuck upon the continent. The first true cities and towns have become established and are thriving. Unfortunately much of this new found prosperity has been found on lands not considered theirs and the colonist exiled have now found themselves encroaching on the lands of the native particularly those of the Jungle Elves. During this time border skirmishes begin and eventually full on war begins between the exiled colonist and the native jungle elves.

The Age of Empires

0 CA: After 300 years of war between the jungle elves and the exiled colonists finally comes to a head at The Battle of 1,3,7 with the colonists managing to push the jungle elves out of this sacred land, helped in part it seems by the mythic spire artifact at the center of the city itself. After this grand abandonment (as the elves see it) of the sacred artifact for the colonialists the Jungle elves began to fight a retreating battle back to many of their oldest ancestral homes deep within the southern jungles of Nule. At this victory the colonialist that had rallied together against this assault formed together into what is now known as The Imperium lead by the 7 noble families selected by The Spire to lead humanity into it’s golden age. This, coupled with many choice victories during their retreat including The Green day Incident, The Battle of the Sun, and The Black Rain Confontation leads the Imperium to a swift and decisive victory.

0 CA: Newly minted citizens of the Imperium flock to the farthest corners of Imperial territory hoping to use the variously acquired lands to better their lives. Civilian pilgrims quickly outnumber the imperial military and soon many budding towns exist in lands far outside the reach of Imperial protection.

5 CA: Pilgrims discover Tezzet’Nom in the north eastern plains and the GnomeTech guild. The Gnomes therein offer diplomatic accords to the Imperium at large and offer mercantile arrangements with Imperial citizens nearby.

4 CA: Reports begin to trickle in of “Tusked Savages” in the northwest. Scouts and explorers are sent to investigate claims. Reports quickly return of arid grasslands and hilly expanses interspersed between incredibly rough badlands. Named “The Gauntlet” by scouts and pilgrims alike, many pilgrims don’t venture far into the interior deciding instead to head north into the colder climes near the Deadlands border. Pilgrims discover the highland caldera north of the badlands. This land is settled by imperial pilgrims and is name the The Willoughby Highlands.

6 CA: Imperial families initially reject the peacetime offers of Tezzet’Nom. They instead offer the Gnomes a bid at fealty beneath the newly formed Imperium lest they suffer the same fate as the Jungle Elves. The Gnomes find this unfortunate, closing off trade with Imperially affiliated merchants while offering deals with free pilgrims and citizenship within the Gnomish commonwealth. Many Imperial citizens convert shortly thereafter.

10 CA: Reports of the Northwest finally come back worse then feared. The Imperium has it’s first true run in with the Orc WAAGH!’s and Hobgoblin tyrants of the Northwestern plains & badlands. The Imperium begins to rally forces to meet this new threat.

40 CA: Reports of unknown objects appearing along the northern Imperial border with the Deadlands begin to surface on Imperial radar. These massive structures seem to carry within foreign entities unlike any seen before. These objects appear irregularly throughout the age

60 CA: Object Sigma is successfully contain and explored by house Calva. Within are found hidden technology from what is later identified as lost eras of time. From this discovery the name “Relics of Dead Wars” is coined for these massive objects. House Skull proxies these discoveries into military might and political clout. Soon all of the Skull aristocracy of note and many of its special divisions are equipped with the object Sigma’s greatest treasure, firearms.

Time line

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