Alignment: N
Portfolio: Lord of Truenames, Fate, Souls
Domains: Fate, Fire, Magic, Repose, Scalykind,
Subdomains: Ancestors, Curse, Dragon, Psychopomp, Venom, Saurian, Souls
Favored Weapon: Dagger
Holy Symbol: A Cobra with a scorpion tail, it’s body aflame

And it was here in this sea of sand that Orosh found himself beset on all sides by the daemons of the sands, each hungry for his soul. But as the beasts laughed and taunted him, he heard a voice call out upon the desert winds to Orosh, and in a great surge these soul eaters were swept away, their bodies flayed apart as though pelted by the desert sands. And as the desert sands finally died Orosh set eyes upon the seven Ushers these daemons had now become, all thanks to the powers of Renequet.
The 77 Vedas,
Veda 7, The Conversion of the Soul Eaters

Followers: Diviners, Wordcasters, Poisoners, Mothers

Lordess of The Truename, Teacher of the Vedas, Mother of the Scalykind, Guardian of the Sun, Keeper of a Thousand Venoms, and Shepard of the Dead Renequet is the Lord of the Sun, Venoms, Scalykind, Magic, and Shepherding the dead, making her one of the most powerful and far reaching of all the Lords still active on Oki.

Relationship with other races: Most of Renequet’s followers originate from the Burning Sea in the north of Oki where her following is the primary religion of the region. That being said she has developed a large following in the south especially in the coastal cities of the Imperium and Confederacy that deal with her followers regularly. Here she is often worshiped as the Lord of Fate, able to divine the true future of a mortals soul or as the patron of magic and mothers. It is said that she protects the souls of children as they come into this world and mothers often beseech her for protection during childbirth. Outside of the more civilized areas she is often worshiped as burning venom, lord of poison and poisonous animals. In this aspect she is often worshiped by poisoners, assassins, and orcs who believe that fire is her most powerful poison.

Relationships with other religions: Renequet is on good terms with most religions and lords, with her and her psychopomp followers functioning as the guardian of souls both as they come into this world and as they are taken to judgement and their eternal afterlife. That being said she has a rivalry with the horsemen and their daemonic ilk whom seek to consume mortal souls before they can reach their final destinations.

Notable churches & Monasteries: The largest monastary is The House of Whispers. Located amongst the ever shifting sands of the Burning Sea the winds whip through the monastery creating a sussurus that whispers the Vedas of Renequet

The Holy Order of the Mother’s Hood: Located in Dart, The Holy Order of the Mother’s Hood is a guild of midwives devoted to overseeing the success of pregnancies and their delivery within Dart. Devoted to the faith of the Lordess of Truenames, these midwives are the best and only midwives in the city. Offered soul access to the patients of Dart all other practitioners of the arts must be certified and approved to legally operate within their borders. This practice is valued within the region and many from miles around come to Dart to deliver their children or hire out certified members knowing their child is in good hands.

Holy Book: The 77 Vedas. This book of religious prose is said to be penned by her first servant, the monk Orosh. Said to have appeared to the monk Orosh during his pilgrimage through the seas of burning sand, Renequet saved him as he was beset by hungry spirits, The Soul Eaters. In thanks he pledged loyalty to her and was given the knowledge of the 77 vedas. These vedas record the words of Renequet, the creation of the first psychopomps, divining the future, serpents and ways to harness their powerful poisons, and the secrets of truenames.


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