With the steady stream of exiles that have been dumped onto Oki over the millennium the number of races and cultures that now inhabit the continent of Oki are almost too many to count and with the opening of the northward passage and the discovery of the Dwarven clans, Neanderthatl’s, and the warriors of the Maktir it seems that we may never be able to describe them all. But that has done little to deter those academics and scholars from trying to chronicle them all. Now this is an extensive but by no means complete list just a few of the known races and cultures that an explorer may meet if they seek exploration of the many strange vistas of Oki.

When talking of the races of Oki, the humanoid races are usually broken into specific sub genus’s based upon their racial characteristics and historical background

The races of Man: These races are all considered to be of or related to humanity, all having shared physical and mental characteristics and having often not been formed by the whims of the lords of the past and often exhibiting traits unlike any found in the other beasts of nature. The races of Man make up the majority of the major civilizations of the world.

Humanity: One of the most diverse on Oki, the races of men count everything from the common man to the primal neanderthals and much in between.

Dwarves: The stoic warriors of the bitter north these bearded men of snow and ale are the hardy miners and defenders of their frozen lands.

Elves: The lost children of nature, the fey worshiping elves are the dying children of nature now forced to suffer a slow extinction as their race struggles to reproduce as they try to bring together their new urbane culture and their lost connection to the nature of the world

Halflings: The little ones and the Travelers, the halflings are believed to be either the youngest or one of the oldest races of man in existence. Always considered an ally of humanity throughout history halflings have been migrants on the worlds highways always curious to see what lives around the next corner and yet wise and lucky enough to somehow come out unscathed of even some of the most harrowing of circumstances.

Neanderthal: Believed to be the original template from which humanity was crafted, the neanderthal is mankind unbridled by the technological and societal structures that mankind has bound itself up within leaving them on the one hand more primitive then man but at the same time more connected and in tune with the world as it actually is around them.

The Children of Lycanus: Believed to be the final mortal progeny of Lycanus and his various suitors, the children of Lycanus are all races that can follow their ancestry back to that fateful union between their two divine parents. That being said all of his children are said to exhibit the features of the beasts of the earth with many of these races appearing to be a fusion of various animals upon the basic shape of a man and many of them exhibiting the habits and wild temperaments of their more animalistic brethren.






Jungle Elves



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