Alignment: N
Portfolio: The Lord of Predators, Families, Madness, Grief, and the Moon
Domains: Animal, Community, Darkness, Madness, Strength
Subdomains: Family, Ferocity, Fur, Insanity, Loss, Moon
Favored Weapon: The Iron Claw (Tekko-kagi) or Natural Weapons
Holy Symbol: Various, often A moon with the face of a predator or a white wolf with a blood splattered face

“He was the lord of predators, the breath hare felt upon the back of its neck was his prayer, the howl in the dead of the night his chorus, the meat of a fresh kill his sacrament, and pack his congregation. Now he is broken; cracked by the she-bitch of that craven disease, and as he slips into his ever increasing madness and the rest of his pack deserts hims I fear that we too will become as mad as traumatized as he.”
Fenris, Feralfolk priest of Lycanus on the state of his lord.

Known as The First Beast and The Rabid One, Lycanus is said to be the father of all beast races and the patron of all predators. Originally a noble creature said to prowl the worlds looking for the greatest and most challenging prey. After a harrowing encounter with one of his former lovers he has been left a broken beast, slipping between personalities akin to a wounded animal and rabid beast from moment to moment. His followers are now torn between either trying to return their Lord to his original state of proud leader or following him into his state of glorious and rabid madness.

Afterlife: Lycanus makes his home on Oki’s moon. Here his followers hunt and stalk the radiant silver fields for all eternity.

The Pit of Madness: Once known as Apex Mound, this massive black crater is said to be the home of the Mad Dog Lycanus. Here he rests writhing in his mad fervor, his most devout tending to their wounded lord. It is said that those who enter this blighted expanse are tainted by his madness driven ever more insane as they approach its epicenter. It is believed that only his most devoted or mad followers are able to reach the wounded lord unscathed.


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