Humanity is one of the most diverse and some might say troublesome race in all the lands. Willing to adapt to any environment they find themselves in humanity is now one of the dominant races on the continent of Oki.

Human races: Currently the human races of Oki are broken into two distinct groups, the natives; those humans who are culturally and historically native to Oki, and the Exiles. The exiles are the citizens of the continental mainland located across the southern and western oceans of the regions. These rag tag humans have been dumped here over the centuries by their home bodies as a form of punishment, removing them from their home societies and cultures and the threat they cause to them while simultaneously sparing their lives. These convicts, criminals, and political dissendents and their descendents make up the bulk of the human population within the Imperium and the Confederate south where these people have established unique cultures and societies from the various traditions and norms they and their exiled ancestors brought with them to Oki.

Imperial Citizens






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